Cookies Policy

Cookies, or end terminal data recovery and storage files, are files send by a website to a user’s browser that are automatically stored on the user’s computer so that the website in question can consult prior activity by the user and “recognise” them.

Cookies can also record other types of personal information, such as a user’s password so that the user is not required to re-enter this information each time they visit the website, or their preferences in terms of the configuration of a website (language, screen resolution, etc.), among other things.

Cookies are essential to the operation of the Internet as they provide countless advantages when providing interactive services by facilitating the browsing experience and the usability of websites. Cookies cannot harm your computer and help identify and resolve errors when activated.

In short, a cookie is nothing more than a set of browsing data stored on the user’s computer that websites detect and recognise in order to “remember” said browsing activity.

Below you will find further information about the use of cookies on our website:


Additional Guarantees – Cookie management:

All Internet browsers allow the behaviour of a cookie to be limited or cookies to be deactivated entirely within the settings or options menu of the browser. The steps for doing this are different for each browser, but instructions can be found in your specific browser’s help menu.

If you would like information on how to block or deactivate cookies from our website, please click on one of the following links depending on which browser you use: